Free Download SarashpazPapion (آشپزی با سرآشپز پاپیون) 3.3.1 APK

Free Download SarashpazPapion (آشپزی با سرآشپز پاپیون) 3.3.1 APK

Description of SarashpazPapion (آشپزی با سرآشپز پاپیون)

Cooking with SarashpazPapion, more than 4000 recipes and lots of delicious pictures and videos

The main categories:

Traditional dishes
Modern food
Condiments and seasonings
Bread and pastry
Cakes and pastries
Jams and compotes
Cooking Tips
Nations Food
local food
Baby food
Food for students
diet food
Junk Food

And in 71 sub

Along with updates Special Occasions

Some features of the app:

– Design and elegant style

– Very low volume

– Update and from within the program period

– Create an account

– Ability to follow other users

– Quick search and enhanced with many features

– Ability to view for any meal

– Ability to view and post production stages image

– Sharing Recipes

– Ability to send photos of their meals prepared by you and view it with your name after confirmation

– Shopping list with Special Features

– Ability to calculate the necessary ingredients to your desired size

– Ability to set the timer

– Find the most popular foods

– See the latest recipes added


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– رفع برخی مشکلات ارسال و نمایش استوری
– رفع مشکلات دانلود ویدیو ها در برخی دستگاه ها
– کاهش حجم ویدیو های ارسالی
– امکان تازه سازی (refresh) لیست تصاویر (مانند آخرین عکس ها)

App Information of SarashpazPapion (آشپزی با سرآشپز پاپیون)

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